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Geef & JiFish Dig To Bedrock

Me and Geef for some reason decided to dig an insane hole to bedrock and make it into an awesome base. This is a 100% legit SMP build. No mods or commands.

Historical Note: This build was completed in September 2011. Minecraft has come a long way since then, and this build is less impressive by modern standards. I think it is worth noting that in the version we were playing in, there was no silk touch or efficiency enchantment - or enchantments of any kind. It also lacked beacons and potions. Conversely, there was no hunger mechanic. The fishcraft server has been around for 5 years, but this is still one of my favourite builds.

You can see the whole map here: Fishcraft Map.

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Just getting started in the rain. The building at the back is what we used for shelter and storage during construction.

A small horde of monsters attacks our temporary building, while I look over the edge.

From my point of view.

We built this underground shaft so we could get to and from the dig and avoid mobs.

The ladder and water were supposed to be temporary. But we wound up keeping the ladder.

Some progress. Near the front you can see the spiral of grass blocks we used to move grass all the way down.

Me digging, rain or shine.

Getting deeper.

The digging got a bit repetitive at this point. To break it up, we decided to build a garden inside our storage building.

We had to drain a large number of lava lakes in caves at the very bottom before we could go any further.

More progress. We have started to hit caves now. We glass off the entrances.

You can barely see the temporary farm I built at the top. Provided food during the dig phase.

A picture of the storage building and the temporary farm.

A shortcut to mushrooms. Growing some more food while we're going.

We finally hit bedrock! Put down a layer of mud for the grass to spread on to.

Stage two, the walkways. We grew trees at the bottom for wood.

While putting up the platforms, we also made the sides solid smoothstone.

Looking down from one of the platforms...

... and straight up from the bottom.

Built a fountain to celebrate completion of phase 2. Also a rare pink sheep spawns!

A lot of animals are spawning down here.

Stage 3, the protective dome and moat.

Dome progress at night.

The pattern for the dome confused the heck out of me.

Geef is working on the moat.

By this stage we have started demolishing part of the storage building. We decide we want to keep some, though.

Dome progress from a distance.

I needed to make over 6500 pieces of glass.


Dramatic lightning!

Geef standing on the storage building.

Me standing on the storage building, with the dome in progress behind.

Completed dome from afar.

The completed moat.

You can see the 1.5km bedrock rail tunnel at the back. We plan to build other things in to the sides of the walkways.

Completed dome and moat.

Dome from underneath.

Dome from the very bottom. We aren't finished here just yet, but the hardest work has been done.

Interactive overview map

Map Download

Some people have requested a download of the map so they can see the build for themselves. This world file has been cropped out from our SMP world. Download the map. (6.9MB Zip via sendspace.com)

Thanks for looking. :)